All Things Must Pass

George was the wisest of the Beatles, but isn’t it a pity.

Com Jr. is no longer:

Graham has moved on and joined other music projects.

Thanks to everyone for all the support and love, it was never overlooked.

This site will be no longer 4/1/2014.

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Non-Stop DJ Weekend

Coming up upon a grand-slam DJ weekend. Join us for one set or do the whole darn thing. We are going to be:

Starting at the Legionnaire Saloon on Thursday (8/22) for our regular 5-9:30ish Down Home Set.

Resting, re-filing on Friday for an action packed:

Saturday 12-4:30 at Gunlach Bundschu Winery in Sonoma. Spinning mellow melodies for their courtyard tasting. Then we are driving on down to the Missouri Lounge in Berkeley for our Saturday happy hour slot 6-10

Sunday Brunch/Drink at Lazlo Bar in San Francisco. We are subbing in for DJ Don’t Tell Mom‘s regular spot at the We Do This Every Sunday. This will be the marathon 11-7 shift. Expect some extended jams.

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New Live Show in Process

photo 1 (1)

For the past 2 months we’ve been re-vamping our live show. Working away from the backing-track based approach, to a fluid mix of live, samples and loops. It’s been a bit of a learning curve with Graham switching to drums and Shanna picking up the bass, but we love the challenge.

Today we worked with some live tracks we recorded, put them in Ableton, located an Arturia synth sound (on the Mini V Moog synthesizer), and then used Graham’s Boss Dr. Sampler to record the track we created. With this sampler we will now be able to add the synth-sonic elements we want in a semi-live state.


Graham with Sampler

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